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Feel the essential unity with the nature in your home.....

Who are we?

We are team of young and talented artists spellbound with underwater world. Within the our team are a real aquarium enthusiasts who build their hobby into a fantastic creative job which coming to the fore imagination of our people combined with education acquired at the highest artistic academic community.

Our acquired knowledge and experience, we focus on creating miracles in the field of interior and exterior design, making the magic of glass, water and aquatic life. We are creators of unique 3D aqua backdrops in which are investing our artistic talent and top technological knowledge, creating things that makes your aquarium a unique and original.


Our imagination has no limits, and knowledge of various biotope habitats and miraculous underwater worlds guarantees that you will have in your space exactly what you dreamed. Scientific solutions in the manufacturing of biological materials and microsystems create a stable place from imagination in your premises.

BioAquarium Team


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incredible projects
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3D backdrops for your aquarium
And countless possibilities to combine in making your aquarium look.
We can realize your vision

The most important decisions you'll make when you want to have a magical world of waterthat in your home is the choice of the aquarium. Therefore, you are in the right place now. We have brought the construction of the aquarium to perfection. We listen to your wishes, fit in your space, we offer optimal solutions, we are imaginative and rapid. And we know our job. Let your imagination run wild.

Your vision come true

Appearance, size and type of aquarium, everything that makes the design of water world beauty in which you plan to enjoy, an agreement with you and your needs. We offer long lasting experience in the design of the aquarium and guarantees that you will have a unique piece, unique aquarium that completely corresponds to your wishes and possibilities. As a leader in the design of the aquarium in this region, we specialize in creating an artwork of aquatic life in your home. If you have a dream, we will know how to it come true.

Knowledge, innovation and technology

Knowledge, innovation and technology - be sure to compile your aquarium people who know this job. Thanks to the filtration, which we have patented, you can have in your home aquarium with clear, clean and uncontaminated water, which you do not change! It's just that bothering you, does it? We solved this problem...

    Client's idea
    Vision of the seabed of our client.
  • mystical DEPTH
    Human traces in the deep sea?....